czwartek, 18 czerwca 2009
Things I do when I'm not taking care of my blog:

I work in the open-space with boss behind my back, walking by on the most unexpected moments.

I write the pages in the history of plant science and theoretical genetics;)

I sit in the garden and admire beatiful vegetation, wating for a water to move (that would be a sign of Pietje, who is still alive, I strongly believe)

I read and digest what J.Krishnamurti (modern philosopher and spiritual teacher) has written in his life and what is a continous discovery for me.

I cross stich the beautifull picture with boats for my dear husband.

I watch NCIS, CSI, Sterretje gezocht and other bullshit (improving languages and forensic knowledge).

Pretty lot of things,  I have to say.

At least I have shared them with public, so nobody thinks I'm lazy...

08:23, aniafin
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piątek, 12 czerwca 2009
I'm still sleeping
10:46, aniafin
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